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In September of 2016, the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable populations, Peru's arm of government which regulates adoption, closed the door for all other countries wanting to adopt Peruvian children...
Supporting Financially
  Pray with us
We hope to one day provide loving homes for 80 children with 10 homes. Each home will have house parents chosen from the body of believers. In this way, the children will grow and learn within a loving family structure and be grounded in the faith that leads every aspect of our ministry.

Currently we have two homes in operation, one on the first floor and one on the second floor of the first duplex built for Morning Star. Each of these homes house up to eight children at a time along with their respective house parents. As heartbreaking as it is, we are already turning children away on a regular basis and are praying the Lord will provide both funding and staff to expand Morning Star's capacity. Since there are no government monies involved in this enterprise, Morning Star relies on the financial support of individuals and groups interested in caring for the defenseless.

  Pray for:
  • The house parents and the special challenges they face to care for so many with such a variety of personalities, problems, challenges and needs.
  • The children who have come to Morning Star. They usually arrive scared, sad, malnourished, and with more worries than most people face in a lifetime. They are almost always behind in their education, lacking a functional family, and quite possibly victims of at least neglect.
  • The funds needed monthly to house, feed, clothe, and educate these wonderful children.
  • The unending paperwork that must be done to maintain MSCH's legal status and to move the children's cases through the legal system.
  • More housing to be built in God's perfect timing so that MSCH can help even more children.
  • Strong Tower Christian School and its efforts to educate and evangelize. It also labors to find funding for teachers, scholarships, building, furniture, computers, books, etc.
  • STCS also needs English-speaking Christians who are willing to come and help teach English as a second language.


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