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In September of 2016, the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable populations, Peru's arm of government which regulates adoption, closed the door for all other countries wanting to adopt Peruvian children...

Tom & Carol Clark were commended to the work in Peru from Hiawassa Bible Chapel of Orlando, Florida, in 1985. Since the early years of their ministry, Tom has developed Christian camping, taught in local churches, and encouraged believers through classes, counseling, and visiting. Today he continues in these efforts, though on a smaller scale, as well as being the head director of Morning Star Children's Home. In this capacity he cultivates working relationships with judges, social workers, and bureaucrats; travels and researches to rescue at risk children and push their paperwork through a quagmire of legal processes; and oversees the daily operations of MSCH.

In the past, Carol homeschooled as well as taught the Bible and reading to women. Today she continues to be involved in women's ministries and children's ministries as well as writing and editing curricula for Strong Tower Christian School.

Tom and Carol have been married for over 30 years and have six children. Together they try to extend hospitality to those who visit Morning Star. Their oldest son, Aleks, is married, has two daughters, and lives in Tennessee. Chas is a retired sergeant of the U.S. Army Infantry. Josi lives in Pueblo Nuevo and is a teacher's aid at STCS. Bryan is serving in the U.S. Infantry based at Fort Drum NY. Lucy and Michaela have recently finished high school and are continuing their educations.


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