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In September of 2016, the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable populations, Peru's arm of government which regulates adoption, closed the door for all other countries wanting to adopt Peruvian children...
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In 2005 a vision began taking shape for reaching a part of the northern Peruvian coast that would integrate several aspects of outreach and service to the community. The conviction was firm: the efforts must have as their center the planting and growth of a new, local, New Testament assembly of the Lord's people in a yet unreached area of the Lambayeque valley. This would later integrate social services and educational services to impact the area with a positive testimony for the Lord.

In October, 2005, after purchasing the original property located in Pueblo Nuevo, a small town twelve miles northeast of Chiclayo, the existing structure was modified to house a young family of four that moved there in January of 2006. They began a door-to-door visitation program and weekly children's Bible clubs on Saturday afternoons. One entire family of four, as well as several youths from the surrounding neighborhood, came to know the Lord. In January of 2007 a more formal schedule of weekly meetings began including Sunday school, Breaking of Bread, mid-week prayer meeting, and a men's discipleship group..

The assembly has hosted outreach into a nearby farming community through the public elementary school there where 60 students received Bible lessons. Local families were offered Bible studies in their homes led by couples or individuals from the chapel and the acceptance has been overwhelming..

2018 started with approximately 50 believers fellowshipping in Pueblo Nuevo on a regular basis with weekly meetings of the leaders, the young people, and a ladies’ Bible study. Evangelism to our neighbors as well as those far away continues to be a focus of the assembly, supporting missions in the Amazon, going to an isolated community of Piura, and reaching out to the families that surround it.


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