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In September of 2016, the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable populations, Peru's arm of government which regulates adoption, closed the door for all other countries wanting to adopt Peruvian children...
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Foundational in its conception was the Biblical mandate to care for the fatherless and unprotected children which abound in Peru as in so many underdeveloped nations.  Overworked, underfunded, and misguided government agencies leave countless children victims to abandonment and abuse.  Chiclayo's dense population and struggling economy are contributing factors to the prevalence of heart-wrenching stories among its population.  Morning Star’s dúplex frontal and side views In October of 2005 a non-profit corporation was chartered and registered in Chiclayo, and in November of 2006 the government licensing was obtained to operate a specialized childcare facility on the property the Lord had provided in Pueblo Nuevo.  Devoid of any government funding, MSCH maintains local and national regulations, as well as a working relationship with the judicial system.  Family courts turn to MSCH as a placement option for children who need to be removed from perilous situations.  In December, 2007, MSCH received its first child and quickly all four spaces were filled.  In 2009 a duplex was built in which each of two floors is a three bedroom home designed and equipped to house foster parents and up to eight children.  On the first floor a wonderful Peruvian family of believers cares for the children and Alberto Saldaña, the father, does much of the administration work for MSCH.  At present we are looking for a second set of house parents so that the second floor can also be used for more children. There are plans to build more duplexes as the Lord provides.


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